The Lone Beach Walker

Who am I?

Well, a casual guy who likes to write on life and love. Yet, what I write is far from clarifying, for I’m kinda vague. I see myself as a wanderer who craves some good thinking times. Sharing what is often thought but less so transcripted happened to make me feel something, gave me this purpose of expressing it and from such release, each time, I grow lighter and perhaps apter to relive further away.

Because yes, that’s what I love to do, to walk and to wonder.


80 thoughts on “The Lone Beach Walker

  1. Thanks for your like on my post “I Used To Live In Istanbul Part One.” I hope you’ll take a look at my other posts about living there, too! You have a great blog: love all the photos of beautiful women! 🙂

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  2. Whoa! I love your tagline!
    And this, “I feel lighter and perhaps apter to relive farther away,” I could totally relate with you.
    Thanks for stopping by my site. Hope to learn much on love from your writings. 🙂

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  3. Love your about me page 🙂 😊 My bday is July 12 so we’re both cancers which is cool! And my fiancé is Brazilian and his family is from Portugal as well from Rio actually. Nice to meet someone from his native land. Great posts.. Keep up the great work👍🏼

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  4. I thank you for the visit.
    Indeed kind.. of you.
    Your thoughts lovely,poignant ..expression,touching a universal thread.
    Colour red..for love.
    Best regards

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  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    you have really created a beautiful space and I have just started – hopefully, I can do the same.
    Read some of your posts- and will be following you.
    Do keep spreading the L word- it’s really needed in today’s time.


    Rohit Belani

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      1. Just look at how many others you are giving inspiration to. That in itself is quite an accomplishment. Don’t give up. The universe needs you. And how much so, you will never fully know or understand. It is not ours to understand. It is ours to accept and carry on.

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  6. Thank you for visiting Envisioning Life and finding ” The Face of Reality” of interest. Very soon this world will be in the hands of your generation.

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  7. Hi! I love your blog a lot!And that’s why I’ve nominated you to the Real Neat Blog Award!!!✨ click the link for more info☺️

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  8. Hi! I love your blog a lot!!! And that’s why I’ve nominated you to the Real Neat Blog Award!!!✨ click the link for more info☺️


  9. I just found out, that you are 20 years of age. While reading your blog, I thought you where a lot older. Can I ask, where do you find your inspiration, and, please, never ever stop writing like this…. ever!! You are doing such a good job, I am very impressed.. 🙂 Well, not that I am a important person, I am just me, like everyone else.. 🙂 But I hope I made you smile!
    Wish you a awesome day, with much Love and Light!
    Fer ❤

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    1. My experience came from years of thinking on someone who didn’t love me. Expecting and hoping for the best, then regretting sometimes. When it’s one-sided you think a lot for you have to do it for the both of you. Then I just decided to start turning them into words. That’s it! The thing with love is that you always win, even when you lose. You gain a specially different kind of light and mindset that curiously never goes away. That’s the beauty of it.
      I always thought I’d start writing someday, I like it, and people always complimented me, so, let’s give it a take right? It’s been a really nice experience, I’m loving this and your nice feedback can be inspiring. So yeah, I’ll keep doing it for as long as it takes me to feel completely sane. ahah I’m the sanest I’ve ever been and writing is the best therapy, undoubtedly…
      Thanks for you comment and admiration. Good luck!

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      1. I am in touch with that one-sided love and thinking for both of you. Thank you for liking my blog post today. I am going through some difficulties in the area of relationships right now and find it therapeutic to write about it, tho not to your creative extent. Your work is beautiful. From pain comes some of the best creativity! Keep up the great writing.

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      2. Whenever I read a post, I ask myself the same question: ‘Who is the person behind?’

        Ricardo, you definitley have a gift of expressing your emotions in writing very well. Scrolling through the corresponding replies, people are obviously finding their own emotions and feelings in your blogs. Isn’t that wonderful as a fact in itsself and as a confirmation of the path that you have chosen for yourself.

        My wish for you is to find the woman that reciprocates your love and pulls you from virtuality into realily in the most positve way.It is my experience that reality exceeds deams by far, as it involves to deal with the complexity of a real person triggering a constant dialog with yourself and the other person.

        Keep up your great work and enjoy the path ahead of you.


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  10. Rick, I am really hesitant about adding this comment – please take this as “love” in words (I hope).

    I love your words, your insights, your beauty, the love on a page. And as I have read and read your posts I am drawn to your “love on a page” writing. And always see pictures of very beautiful ladies. Always visually beautiful. Always a certain age range, image range, “look range”.

    And I wondered why. Why is the image “specific” when your words are so timeless and so universal?


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    1. Yes, i understand. Glad you commented on this!. 😉 Well basically i tend to post pictures of beautiful women, always visually appealing, although each one with her unique and different ways ( we are not all the same in matter of “taste”. But for me, i consider them sexy, you’re right! I’m inclined for this type of looks. I always go for that intense gaze, those pretty eyes (I have i thing for light colored eyes, and blondes, that’s a personal preference, everyone has it, and you may already have noticed my tendency in my texts 🙂 )
      After all, to be honest, when we think of love, we picture our perfect girl. And as I am the one who makes this blog, i think I feel more inspired by having these kind of ideal women. And it’s more more fair for you, viewers, to know better what’s on my mind while writing this.
      Of course I know beauty is everywhere, under any color or shape. For me it’s this i’m more inclined towards, for you maybe be a bit different. We can’t deny that we feel different when we look at a “beautiful woman”, according to our standards, we are not blind.
      I talk about love in an universal manner, and inside the universe there is individuality, particularity.
      Respect for the difference is what love is all about, and if i always show you this kind of girls, that doesn’t mean I don’t admire the beauty in the others.
      Thanks a lot for you comment, and time you spent thinking about this!
      It’s just the way I am 😉

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      1. “I talk about love in an universal manner, and inside the universe there is individuality, particularity.” Thank you.

        Beauty is beauty. And if you asked me why I write the way I write – it too would be my preference and particularity – my “version” of how I see love. And I had not seen that “difference” quite so clearly. Thank you so much for being “this is me and I will be me” – because you hurt no one. 🙂

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