Two Weeks, Two Dates #96

Two Weeks, Two Dates is a fiction coming from the pens of two WordPressers, Ricardo Elisiário and Shaktiki Sharma, together contributing on a weekly basis.


Klara was still unconscious. Bleeding from the head, Ross was scared if the blow was too hard. He checks her breath and relieved with the positive results, pats her cheeks to wake her up.

“Klara…Klara…get up. Get up…come on!!”

Klara shows signs of response, and Ross decides to make her immobile before they start talking. He drags her across the floor and forces her up. She manages to sit and open her eyes. Ross pulls her arms in one direction and uses the same tape that he had his hands tied up with, to tie her up.

“Wa…What are you doing? Leave me!!” Klara shouts at him. She tries to pull back, but couldn’t prevent him from tying her hands.

“Now you are not going anywhere without telling me what I want. Where are the bodies? What did you do to them? Nothing, no stories…just the truth.” Ross pushes her on the floor and walks to the other side. He pulls out a stool from the rubble and sits facing her. “Nobody’s going anywhere until you answer my questions”.

“I wanted the same. Wasn’t hiding the truth from you. But Ross, half truth is worse than no truth. You cannot make me confess these murders simply because I never committed them.” Klara wiped her face and tried reasoning with Ross. She knew it wasn’t good to be tied here. That she was in a dangerous situation now.

“Ohhh… really? You didn’t? Who else did?” Ross mocks her.


Ricardo Elisiário

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