A simple man

My motto happened to be a simple one. And by ‘happened’ I want not to remove from myself part of the credit I deserve, because after all a man’s got to inevitably have a say in the creation of his own life’s’ truths.

But an indeed cruel motto is mine, I will avow, cruel for being so plain, and this is a world where people expect so much, in countless feeble ways, from others. I’m subtly inconsiderate, maybe not entirely by nature but, partially, I have made my way up to this slant through my very own good faith. Faithful to my quiet private visions.

But oh “your only motto in life is to have someone in it”, that’s what she wrote me — not attacking, just stating it… and she might have gotten it pretty right. Accurate, as she usually is; she knows me enough to allow her some precision on this.

So sharply, she just evidenced how accurate my heart is also condemned to be. I wouldn’t need to contest, I guess I didn’t. I might have actually smiled, for my motto is one I’m happy about. Well, one’s got to choose the battles he fights, the same goes about the love you waste away.

I’ve got a penny-wise heart; that’s cruel of me at times — a heart should be meant to be simply without knowing any limits. Mine does have some, some made, others possibly innate… and such is the wretchedness of us — my heart and I. But anyway, it’s better to own your cruelty than to be cluelessly so.

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