Two cannot ever be the same

…and that’s what makes these dreams of romance possible.

Had we the same principles, curbs and ambitions could we expect to someday have our moment to together be in love with each other? No, I truly don’t believe so. Call me pessimist for once only, if you need.

Love doesn’t rule us over in the same manner. What you’d do for it differs from what I will, and our focal goal should be to carve the easier path for both.

That’s why there exists softness and harshness, why there are women and men and why the meaning behind being one or the other does exist but can very hardly be credited.

Our future might be pretty but (I fear) the road to it will not be so gracious, you know that. Easiness does not identify with our situation. I know however that you’ll see me most certainly remorseless over the steps taken to get to what is my current and hopefully perpetual priority.

And I also know you can disagree with my ways, just as much as I might agree with your reasoning on it, but we also understand that our silent disparities have been and will continue to be a most valuable asset throughout this aging season.

Then, once we find ourselves there, we’ll see ash and feel the warmth, and that’s alright because it’ll mean it finally began.

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