Two Weeks, Two Dates #56

Two Weeks, Two Dates is a fiction coming from the pens of two WordPressers, Ricardo Elisiário and Shaktiki Sharma, together contributing on a weekly basis.

I waited and let that busy evening of hers pass… the hours crawled slowly into the night and I retreated home eventually. I donno what she did, for I didn’t stick to them for that much longer. Whatever, I wondered about writing her, I waited for a text from her as well… well, I was not really expecting words at 2 am, not after what I saw her do. And yes, none came, not until morning…


Hey!.. Good morning =)


These words. Happy ones I saw, as all from her always are. Then I mused about the night before, losing my cool somehow… but above all I knew she was oblivious of my knowledge. And her text would truly give to no one a trace of all that she bluntly wouldn’t tell. Could I be stressing out?

No. I’ve always abstained from such temperamental faits divers, but maybe that’s because the stories had never been written all over my clueless face before, painted with such lousy elegance, she behaved too boldly for my liking. She had the looks to be bold all she wanted, right!?! Is that how they think it works…?


Hi. How are you today?


Ohh…nice. How’d the dinner go? Good friends I suppose.


I think it was much better than you spell it, I mean I was waiting for you to contact me after our first date. You never did.

I mean… I am serious about you. Hope you know.


Ha Ha… no need for apologies dear. I am glad you understand am into you.

So… who’s this friend of yours? A dinner date? What time you went back?


Ohh… no am not intruding, sorry. I fully respect you share everything with me.


Yeah…as if you do!


Ricardo Elisiário

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