Two Weeks, Two Dates #55

Two Weeks, Two Dates is a fiction coming from the pens of two WordPressers, Ricardo Elisiário and Shaktiki Sharma, together contributing on a weekly basis.



The last time I had the fear of losing everything, everything that I had kept woven and together with so much effort…was when I saw….the true face of love.

It has been long, and I have tried hard, brought myself to terms with the horror, but always sought a happy life for my parents. They never knew what life I have been living and why. Today, seeing the officer at my place, seeing my mom crying, brings all the hidden darkness out.

Walking to his car, my mind instantly starts calculating what are the chances they know about the killings, if they do then how am I supposed to make them understand why, or should I just make an attempt, maybe just run now…. But what if it’s not about the murders.

“Officer….may I know what is all this about?”


Shaktiki Sharma

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