Two Weeks, Two Dates #54

Two Weeks, Two Dates is a fiction coming from the pens of two WordPressers, Ricardo Elisiário and Shaktiki Sharma, together contributing on a weekly basis.


Oh girl, Klara… I can’t see why. Can’t you tell what’s fair anymore? I mean… who’s him? Why are you making me follow you like I know that you’re up to something that makes no sense. Do I not exist to you yet?! Are feelings optional to you? But what’s with this hunt for everything around you?! That’s what it looks like, you see, that you need to taste so much of everything and you do not stop…

Maybe I’m mistaken to buy into loyalty, just the simplest form of good sense, have you stopped to gauge the dedication I’m putting into us, what we’re supposed to be sharing? But you act like you’re public property, always so unsensible… and I cringe, I don’t know how to change that, or if I’m at all supposed to.

I really care though, more than you or that shitty guy knows, I doubt anybody’s intentions will ever be as unshakable as mine but nobody ever sees things as they are. And you’re the same fool as the others, but somehow I feel entitled to open your eyes, to show you things of a different, bigger value… because they’re not seeing it, and you might feel you’re controlling things but you end up being used and I can’t take that, or else you shouldn’t have allowed me into your world.

I do not regret where I am now, even if all I’m seeing is you walking this guy by his hand, chatting, towards wherever you mean to go on a random evening. I guess it’s your house the destination, isn’t it… So weird and for the moment, I fear for you more than I’m revolted by this sight…

It’s just getting increasingly harder to explain to my angry awed self all these incongruities, that’s what the truth is. Hmm, and I don’t like the feeling of spinning around this way, I won’t give in to this and be converted to it. That’s not my spirit and I know not even you can change that. I always know what I need, I’m not a toy!… It scares me however, all the bad which might breed from this. And I’m nice and you I saw you as good too but well, what am I to say… Klara, you really surprise me!


Ricardo Elisiário

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