Two Weeks, Two Dates #52

Two Weeks, Two Dates is a fiction coming from the pens of two WordPressers, Ricardo Elisiário and Shaktiki Sharma, together contributing on a weekly basis.


One day I decided to do something, to go and take the look I so needed to have. It was distracting me not knowing, not trusting perhaps, things need be tended to and I couldn’t leave us to chance…

So I left my place that evening, still early though, for there was not darkness in the air yet. Anyways it grew dimmer with time as I patiently sat, earphones on, I was in my car outdoors of where I knew she’d be, far enough to try and spot without being seen…

She had some plans with some people, at least she did tell me. She had that excuse for not being free to hang out that time, and I felt like checking whom I’d been set aside for. I was only guilty of caring about us, nothing else… but then I saw someone with her, another guy and I waited for quite a little while but it finally appeared obvious that they were by themselves.

Well I bet he was not the man from last time but I found no way of confirming that. And so, sheltered by the night I left my post and followed their way for sometime but I saw nothing else worthy of notice. It was all just weird, I felt somewhat lied to, but I could not gauge the depth of that encounter I just spectated. I knew little about her, certainly less than I desired, and then even reality seemed to betray the content of her words…

My comfort shivered violently in these moments, maybe I was the one putting my mind up to such works of disquietude but I knew something had to be happening. And I was on to delve into it until all at sight could be trusted, genuine. I guess it was about time to know of truth, and since the smuts appeared to be already too many, I was in my full right to take some steps further. I kept going.


Ricardo Elisiário

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