Para siempre tuyo…

I guess some people can’t be like that, built to remain wanting someone without any predefined terms of contract. Some are reluctant to smile too needily because everybody speaks of the virtues of independence nowadays. And so, society makes those who live by that, the insecure about ever having to fall for the urge to need someone else there for them, empowered by their own zealotry of weakness.

The idea of needing is a restlessness inside, simply because being the one who’s in greater need means to be one who’ll hurt more in the end. For of course, there is no pure independence that’s devoid of connection to an obligatory and eventual ending to whatever the independent being comes to have in his life.

Preaching freedom over compromise, always! Cause well, what would more loudly screech “dependency” than that hideous word which is “compromise”? Having such alarming bleeps being poured into one’s ears all day long, every time the other would text hoping you to be the readiest to answer that very minute; or when said other were to look fondly inside one’s eyes to solely find them so engrossed in the ticking clock one hasn’t around the pulse but so wished to own, only for moments like these, when there are hearts close and begging to be lectured on the hues of contemporary relationships.

But… hmm what is this all about now?! Am I turning, again??? But what to now? Well, becoming a vampire didn’t cause as weird a sensation… that I can tell!!!…

Might it be that through the baking of this short essay I’ve been brought to real clarity about this matter? Really!? Hell well, yes I fear it’s what it is… I see it at last.

Sooo what about us now, girl?… I mean, I was so sure of this, confident about being meant to say that I’d be yours forever if you want me. Yes, and that yours I should remain for as long as you were to continue wanting me. Life was supposed to be no way else, but promises suddenly grew dangerous you see, I heard it somewhere… But you know, these new ideas they really sound auspicious, don’t they?

Why sticking to one when you can harvest all out of a lifelong liberating nothing, a vacuum from where you get to get all the glow and slogans of the urban evening, and then wake up to its monotonous yet so rich early hours of day? To wake, and work and hide in plain sight… all for a living, for the highest purpose of fulfilment. It’s revolutionary, you will not deny it, will you!? No, you know it better than me I assume.

So shall we still choose love over life after all? Ahh I don’t know anymore. It’s just that all of a sudden I feel like I need time, oh! and space, and what other point was there bolded out in that pink self-help article??!! Can’t recall… but there were three key factors I know… well, I’ll give it another read, ok!? Just bear with me for a second, I’ll be back, I hope. If I’m not, well just keep on, go live for yourself, try it! It’s the new shit… there’s nothing easier or more natural. Won’t you trust me?

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