Two Weeks, Two Dates #50

Two Weeks, Two Dates is a fiction coming from the pens of two WordPressers, Ricardo Elisiário and Shaktiki Sharma, together contributing on a weekly basis.


Ahh it’s one thing to long for love and another entirely greater when one ends up having it. Yes, tis sort of as different in magnitude as the gap between being united to a lover’s lips in a kiss at a dusk… and being sure that those lips will be still plump some other dusk as they were  in this one, that the very beauty of their purpose in that gloomy street would have been the absence of any purpose at all.

A relieved trip through a plain of passion that sees to no end and is met on the sides by fire that plows inwards, but not to burn or threaten, only to keep us free from deviation, to have us true to the cause. For there’s no end to the most intense feelings… there mustn’t, I believe, but I did not ask her anything on these depths so soon, nah, I’d see my way to that part of her myself.

It’s always so much more fulfilling to meet our expected ends by our own deserved means… love makes you walk these extraordinary miles and many more if proof’s needed, if doubts need to meet their brief end.

I gotten deep into my own irresolutions at times, but I mean, I trusted she would understand that they all arose from the best state of heart. Always from the goodest place within me came my longing, my love, my dreams for us. But still I laid itching with a grin that unsuccessfully worked on deviating my mind from needing to be too sure, too in control of things her side.

I needed to peek in, it is tough to wait for a mistery to unwrap itself and show what it means and it’s made of… they often demand so much time and I tried, I really did but I also needed to know. It was distressing me, everything that the dusk still hid, oh! so unmanageable, I don’t know…


Ricardo Elisiário

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