My most quiet liability

Do you see how she stares? At everything yet none of that which is actually there right around. Why’s that? A harsh mind or an engaged heart, a heart that is not meant for everybody nor tradition, that does not beat in tandem with life in general, it’s silently cold and in such hush it may feel love, or not… But I should affirm that it does. It can, just like anybody else’s can. There’s no escaping it, however we are gifted enough to be able to choose what causes are ours to melt for and which ain’t. That might be the only upside of growing older. And thus we choose, for limbo cannot serve as lifelong asylum.

The one she’s looking out to, he has more or less beliefs and roughly as many principles but certainties he counts fewer, if he’s somewhat wise. She finds him so; he finds himself lucky to have been found by her. She’s a fairly brimful vessel and he there soaks, she’s never icy or boiling, she’s all right, she was built for it, to quench timelessly – her raw knack and his liability. May he give back, as best he can if he is capable… the simplest deal and also the truest; even if it’s seemingly hard to be true in this world, or so the agreeing crowds rattle.

But can’t you see how she is? If he’s not meant to give to such one, she who has those eyes she has, then to whom will he anew be good and give? If in the end, inside his human grip of levitating assumptions, knowing that she’s most deserving is the heaviest of them all? And noise, they’re no strangers to it anymore, to tell the difference between tones shan’t be harder than to find solution to a sole riddle; just give it time and you’ll be acquainted with your answer.

There’s faith cause there’s a will even if there’s no way carved yet. It’s all in thoughts and they draft paths in silence cause they’d rather keep quietly in tune than get loud and then angry at clamor’s inability to get their two bodies closer than the schedule allows; and specially time, which has been such a friend to their secluded hearts, hearts otherwise left so brief and simply lost in translation.

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