Two Weeks, Two Dates #42

Two Weeks, Two Dates is a fiction coming from the pens of two WordPressers, Ricardo Elisiário and Shaktiki Sharma, together contributing on a weekly basis.

I knew where I was headed, we settled a meeting point right on the most fulcral spot of a whole park, from where you could see the green field descend and end up facing the bulking commercial area and the pool of people. My eyes were restless, ogling round and my body tilted against the fencing expecting her to turn up at any minute.

In my mind played a harmonious noise, the nerves making me smile at anyone and anything that crossed my path, I was anticipating it, finding words fitting for upcoming questions yet all but imaginary. There I stood, in my own circle, it’s like feeling on verge of outbursting and at the same time having it all to yourself.

‘You may now be rightfully greedy. Take it and hold it.’, that’s what fancying about the one with whom you’re sharing a crush feels like… finding yourself on top of a place that you guess nobody else was equally lucky to have already found or be currently residing in.

Surely, I mean… we know love is out there for everyone who wakes up in the morning, sooner or later, but well being called out to sip that nectar for a first time is reason enough to be smilier than all else around. Hilarious, but it’s a fairly justified joy and so it is senseful. It’s all fair… do never abstain.

Oh and I don’t know from where, but abreast the row of cedars on the promenade, like a swift surge of breeze with eyes which soon settled towards me, from afar, she soon saw me too and waved. Her distant grin that kept pacing in my direction… umm aalright… here she comes at last, and I at my readiest. Yes I’m ready I mean… totally in it!! Beautiful!

Ricardo Elisiário

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