Two Weeks, Two Dates #35

Two Weeks, Two Dates is a fiction coming from the pens of two WordPressers, Ricardo Elisiário and Shaktiki Sharma, together contributing on a weekly basis.

“Where have I been? What do you mean…? Home of course.”

Maggie has been driving me crazy since I told her me and Steve are over. Every break between the classes has been terrible to pass. I’ve tried to talk her out, leave her and move on with Jeanie, but no the lady actually takes the BFF thing seriously.

“No… I am not sad. Maggs would you just stay mum for sometime. I am really getting pissed off now…”

She explains me how well she knows heartbreak and how I must be feeling right now. But on the contrary no woman will ever know how I feel right now. It’s not Steve on my mind, my dilemma is ‘love or not’…if this is love, how will I tell Ross. The moment I go any closer, the other side would be lurking out pushing me to take him down. For the other Klara…Ross wouldn’t be what he is to me. She would see him as feed. Just a step she would take to move ahead, being better and mastered at the craft.

“I am fine…trust me. Do you need coffee, am gonna fetch some.”

How happy and cheerful the first day at the campus always is. Last semester began with Lenni, my first, and ended with Steve being fourth. Four men in 6 months, and only three useful, two during semester and one in the holidays. I can’t stop now….

Steve though is the only one I took from college. But he is more like a gum that stuck to me, could have been an easy prey but not worth the risk. There he is…walking right towards me. Shit…!

“Stay away…and keep you face invisible around me…”

Shaktiki Sharma

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