Two Weeks, Two Dates #24

Two Weeks, Two Dates is a fiction coming from the pens of two WordPressers, Ricardo Elisiário and Shaktiki Sharma, together contributing on a weekly basis.

Ohh… what? Did I get it right? What, you’re about to make him pay you a visit at the beach house!? That’d be sweet I guess, wouldn’t it, my love? And now I was thinking you were going to the good side, that promised face so unusual in you, well I’ve never met it, the pink you struggle to exude. So now yeah I must confess you really got me with that one, what I was least expecting would be a return to the old ways… Amazing!

Girl, I knew it wasn’t it. I doubt there’ll be anyone to fill up that shadowy place, your revolt. I gave you light and you held it back, didn’t you? But I didn’t mind, I truly believed in your chance just as he is now believing in your purity. He’ll perceive things differently when the moment arrives, when he won’t have a choice for you’ll deny him his will, his power and all means to run from you when you break bad and give none retribution, love or mercy.

I will ever love you and more I do, now I see you come back to assure me that I’m still it, who they are not. I would never snap my trust in you. I’m better than that, I’m above all that’s behind and here at your side cause you will need me, I know! Just tell me all… the few I might ignore and I’ll be your shoulder again. Yes… I, that salty scent of a sea you always dive into, in thoughts and anew, in your weakest moments and most dire nights. Cause you see, I’m the unregretful one that lost all. I’m that ghost you knew and know. Yes baby… I’m it, I’m all you once had and could have back, if only you tried!


Ricardo Elisiário

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