Is it okay, love?

Is it okay if I say too much even if I do not know what I mean? You make me do know things and I make myself see that it’s eternal this. I don’t actually need that effort. We say it on repeat, sweetness and it grows, that reoccurrence, and it’s normal while we, we begun unpredictably and now that we are… we’re just uncommon.

Is it okay to tell you that I love you when after all I’m not there, with you? Before love there were chats that led us to it. Now love leads us nowhere. It only allows us to stay if we want or to leave if I’m weak or you change. Neither is on the path of being and so were we not, yet we are.

Hearts don’t always collide this way, most times they don’t at all or they pretend to. Funny that we also did never really crash, without that need smooth instead it was, and it was fine with me, and with you finer, you’ve told me. It went well and we now travel higher by far. It’s just natural to be so. I was hers and you were okay and now that I’m yours you remain okay. Aren’t you beautiful!?

Yes, I’m inclined to feel. That’s me though I try to avoid it at times. I learned but I could not change. And even if I had I’d by now have known you just again wouldn’t I? You started and I winked back and then rose the middle, created, we’re it. You brushed it black here and there, I was blinded by that clinic white restless idea of loves that weren’t but hope. You shielded me and I did you just the opposite.

Is it okay if I keep being just that recondite other half? This Yang to your Yin.

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