I’m good… and I think you are too

Oh girl, if they heard me say it like I tell you some days, they’d think it sweet or insane. Anyway, both adjectives seem proper enough to describe me and ultimately us. I’m still the same, I think. You’re the one who changed who I was by simply regarding it, and so by your eyes I finally became what I’ve always felt like being. It was effortless, for both. We did it and now if I look back I can’t tell where it began, and it’s just as hard to tell when it’ll end, cause I see no prospects of that. It won’t, I can’t promise but it won’t.

By imagining this possibility of a future I could never have expected before you touched me, I feel peace and some sweet exaltation. It’s your work, who you are, and I just keep going and hoping to arise just the same emotions in you. It’s like I run now to reach you faster and to grow free of what is no longer mine, it never was but you may be.

You know that’s what I’ve been dreaming of every time reality breaks grasp of me. It’s you and what’s lovely is that you may dream of me too. That was new to me, some passion I smell, ours and I admit, I haven’t even tried much. Some more hopelessly romantic would say I should’ve but what I needed to have you listen, I did express and what we were bound to start feeling, we just did as well.

There’s no run from you, for you’re more than I ever asked for. I never knew someone like you could exist but you do and you came to greet me, and now, all I can say is that I’m good… and I think you are too.

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