A place where hairs are blown

So many places there are that make a mind go wilder and the past soak up abruptly. It must be the rains and the colder zephyrs the cause of it. Autumn and its effects, and they seem to be obvious and I so crave cool scents more than anything. I want to have again whatever is gone for the longest time, that seems to be my nature, maybe yours too. I just miss it. Sun rests too straining and tans, are they what? A try to transition from who we are to what else? A darker shade of body and a clearer mind, some would defend these are Summer’s benefits. I might agree but I never really had any palette of welfare shown to me from any shine or light before. It’s like I escaped the good in life for a while, maybe the most important while of life yet I don’t feel emptier. Yes, I am ever more condensed. Perhaps it’s in how varied the shades of freshness are when compared to any blaze that lays the reason. It’s the prospects, they’re the cause of all we have good. Hope that something different (even if cyclical) lies always ahead, novelties, a recently sunken dryness accompanied by that blurred moonlight which does not fully trespass the dazy airs of dew. I love you change cause you do not disappoint, for you’re ever new and cause of you I cannot expect dullness and well, I might actually have enough of that myself. So yes, I love you cause you bring unasked life to me, or another love or even nothing, and I think that’s all one can solicit, that sure dose of wind and unexpectedness. Not much else.

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