Two Weeks, Two Dates #16

Two Weeks, Two Dates is a fiction coming from the pens of two WordPressers, Ricardo Elisiário and Shaktiki Sharma, together contributing on a weekly basis.

Another day, was about time that she went back to this city life, more busy, fuller, I know she likes it like this about just as much as she enjoys her seaside retirements. Funny how she and Stephanie never really lost contact since high school, they’re fine together, I find Klara pretty open when it comes to her, always was but I know she won’t ever reach a point where she’ll be comfortable enough to say what she cannot.

“Oh shit I can’t believe it’s the guy from the road… Did he live this close?… Will he see her? Well he already has his eyes on her, she is unaware though. Don’t go to her, let her be, she doesn’t need that, neither do I!… Oh no, can’t be.”

How he noticed her as soon she passed, and he just reached. It wasn’t hard seeing they had met just yesterday. Plus, Klara just seems to not know how to fail at making an enormous first impression, it’s magical.

“But oh… he’s wronging himself, this isn’t how it was supposed to go Klara! You know, you forgot about him and you were doing so fine.”

I bet he kept thinking of her all the time since, it’s hard not to. He wants to get close, too close for his own good perhaps, and well, what to do to help it!? I should take an act while I can, poor poor things being played.

“Wake up Ross!… she won’t stop it…” She grasps them as easily as she wants, a love she nurtures so so fast and seemingly truthfully. And where are you Steph? Always late, preferably when you shouldn’t.

“But oh she loved me didn’t she…? Oh yes, she did, how could she not, I’m different from all, I went mad for her but not without having some in turn, and I sure had all she was, mine.”

How we took each other’s hearts will not take place again, for her misfortune and I, I only worry, that’s all I’m here to do, at her side is my place. And she should avoid this if only she could but her guise is too soft and her core, too dark. Inborn talent, hers. Will she ever change? Hasn’t she learned from what we shared? Was I in vain? My life, handed over, and what for, after all?

They keep smiling, smiles and flaws misled… me, I fail to know what to think about this. The desire has always camouflaged that danger, it is nature, the thing they don’t know is that hers is much different than they’d ever be capable of handling… it’s lethal.

Ricardo Elisiário

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