About to rise from it

About to fall for it, took a leap. I was willing and jumped

From mind to heart as from air to water and it’s so easy

To give way for that embrace when you’re dying to feel it.

Feeling something else so newer than I was, too too easy.

And ease is foolishness most times, that I saw eventually

As I overdosed on you, and how many yous counted I?

To make one lose discernment, that’s love’s purpose.

Now, was yours to act on its name and simply wave me bye?

Farewells stained with loss and further life, they’re easier,

Easier than one would find them. Happenings that we lack,

For often we need nothing more than anything, something

Not you were meant to shed but I’m entitled to get back one day.

Sighs there are a few, exhales not of sadness but of lost light.

They are involuntary awakenings for what is indeed real,

And truth wasn’t my nature as I was led to live by fadedness.

What I lived, I wrote and to recount you, it makes me ideal.

An exquisite type of flawed we become through what I say

Because I can’t be sceptical about happy tales seeing I’m the writer

Behind them and earlier on, behind us too. I was verity and the lies,

I was something I ceased being, something I am now only as a loner.

Had no paper to write on nor long time passed to be written about.

Life became something else and you someone else that I can’t admit.

Yeah girl, how beautiful is it to love always and never feel like stopping?

About as much as how tenuous it all looks now that I’m just about to rise from it.

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