Two Weeks, Two Dates #15

Two Weeks, Two Dates is a fiction coming from the pens of two WordPressers, Ricardo Elisiário and Shaktiki Sharma, together contributing on a weekly basis.

“Hmmmhumm mmmhumm humm… Dad am gonna check out with Steph. See you later…”

(Klara steps out and the sun strikes on her face, she digs her sling for the shades and puts them on.)

The driveway isn’t clean today, the car cleaner must’ve been on leave and car would also be in the same state I left it yesterday, covered in mud.

“Ahhh…not again. I hate those tubes, with all those people leaning over. Dammit Harry… Dad you’ve spoilt the car cleaner.”

What could go wrong now. I hope Steph reaches in time. Am in no mood of waiting, these days are just pissing me off. I’d better stay at the beach house. Hmmm… I wonder if Ross would ever call me. The look of his eyes still haunt me.

(Klara swipes through her call logs and stops at his number as she takes a seat in the tube.)

Hummmph…go go away… (she presses his name for long and selects ‘Delete’.)

“Where are you Steph…” (Klara sits at the counter waiting for Steph. She looks through her phone and dials Stephanie.)

“Calling me…?”

(Ross touches her on the shoulder and sits beside her on the counter.)

“Two hamburgers please… my treat.” (he looks at her intently as she smiles.)

Ohhh…why, why are you here darling.

“ Hamburger? Why? Have you been following me?” (Klara winks.)

“No, just chasing food, you know how loners survive… cheers!…” (he laughs.)

Shaktiki Sharma

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