Two Weeks, Two Dates #13

Two Weeks, Two Dates is a fiction coming from the pens of two WordPressers, Ricardo Elisiário and Shaktiki Sharma, together contributing on a weekly basis.

(As she turns away from the balcony door and reaches out to a shirt, she catches her phone vibrating on the bedside table, and slowly approaches to pick it up. The screen says “Steve”, thinking of Steve and why would he call, she waited and seconds after answers it.)

(“Hey Baby…I love you…” Steve greets her with his grimy tone and she sulks.)

“Hi… so why did you feel like calling me at this hour?”


Ohkay he just wants to show that he remembers I was to reach home one of these days. More silly than cute, what fix is there now for this? Bullshit…but anyway.

“Well alright, I actually was to call you today as well. You see, there are some things to be talked… About us…”


“Oh yes well whatever. I just feel like I had some final words to share on this because it clearly isn’t working out… you know that, this isn’t amusing any of us… at all!”


“Hmmm I’ve been knowing all that for a while, so yes don’t tell me about feelings now… Ahhh listen… It’s taking us nowhere… You know, you’re a nice enough guy but I really don’t much care about all that now, it doesn’t feel right, this, it feels like nothing and I just accepted it, and I very much hope you get your ideas straight on that too. Not much more to be explained because you know all you did, or should i say didn’t.”

(The call terminated abruptly, with him sounding tremendously vexed)

Can’t believe he just hanged up like that… Such a kid. Well, he’ll come around, it will not be long until he reached out again, he can’t avoid it, he’s somehow keen to make this work but still he doesn’t know how to behave… His problem! I clearly don’t care about any of that anymore, I’m sick of hesitant people, never know what they need or want, neither how to seize, boring men…

(Klara looks at her phone intently…whirling through her contact list, searching for the new name she just got into it.)

Gere must be home relaxing right now. Should I call him? He is one lovely guy…I could explore him, I want to…Dammit!! In this city it’s impossible…how will I fight it? If something happensss…? Should I convince him to come along on a trip somewhere…not beach house, maybe somewhere else. Dad won’t let me to beach house, I just came back from there…!!!

(Klara falls asleep shifting and thinking in her bed)

Ricardo Elisiário

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