Two Weeks, Two Dates #12

Two Weeks, Two Dates is a fiction coming from the pens of two WordPressers, Ricardo Elisiário and Shaktiki Sharma, together contributing on a weekly basis.

There is never enough reason for Klara to not take a plunge. She is the most beautiful and charged woman I’ve ever seen, there’s no best placed beauty than hers. When she looks at you…deeply, intensely in those eyes of yours and you feel weak inside, just as all your warmth belongs to her and her but no other woman would ever give you that love, that time, those moments that you seek.

She drops the stranger just two blocks away from her home, he really does live too close to might put her in danger. I hope she has other plans than getting on with him…but well…

Her eyes say something else, a flame that I’ve seen too often, a flame that I’ve succumbed to as well in my time and so will he. She sings to herself as she parks the car in her garage. Her father calls out her name, he always knows when his daughter’s home. A good guy her father. Her mother is a sweet lady too, but she normally stays busy with her own friends and social work that she does. Klara is a daughter to a social worker…the scenario is sarcastic somehow.

She hugs her father and climbs to her room. Her room is a solo place on the first floor to their house. I like it this way because this allows me to watch her in peace. Her family rarely checks into her room, she keeps it clean to ensure no visits. Her room is as precious a secret to her as it is to me. When she enters and flops on the bed, I could see how happy she is to have met the stranger. They must’ve exchanged numbers, they would definitely meet I know. The way she sits up and removes her shirt, thinking and humming to herself…it always pulls me closer. Like I was always meant to be this stalker, I am…and would definitely not mind any dire consequences.

Undressed my lady, in the thoughts of her new man…walks off towards the light peeking from the balcony door, leaving me in dark of her shadow. This new man, he stays here and I need to be cautious for Klara this time. I need to protect my love…like always.

Shaktiki Sharma

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