Two Weeks, Two Dates #11

Two Weeks, Two Dates is a fiction coming from the pens of two WordPressers, Ricardo Elisiário and Shaktiki Sharma, together contributing on a weekly basis.

“You ready? They’ll pick it by morning probably…don’t worry!”

(He locks the car and approaches with a backpack and jacket on his shoulder. He takes a deep last puff before throwing the cigarette in the roadside ditch. Exhales the smoke just as he opens the door and swiftly sits while placing his bag on the back seat.)

“Shall we?”

Giving a slight nod he looks at me intensely with a smile. This guy is getting me curious… I wonder what he does… a model…?

“So… what’s the job? I mean what’d ya do for a living? ”

Hmm… a full-time photographer. Coming back after covering an event somewhere… a fashion something. I was getting those creative and chilled out vibes from him. A photographer with deadly looks, nice catch bitch!!

“Ohh that’s cool… having all that fun while working. I definitely wouldn’t mind doing such lucrative thing, but for now it’s really just studying,  let’s say you teach me some skills someday…”.

(Sky’s color couldn’t be seen anymore, drafty clouds and very few stars at sight. The street lamps passing by fairly fast, explosions of glow that touch the windshield and obfuscate who’s inside and trying to keep focus after a whole day).

“Well if you don’t mind we can share numbers… just in case you’re very unlucky again and I happen to be close!”

I could see him blush a little when I winked. It was easy I guess… he would, why not…

I hand him my phone and he types slowly just after he asks me to halt near some fancy block of houses uphill of town. Looks like a cosy home if that’s his, and if he lives here all by himself…. Well well… slow down babe.

As he drags himself out, gives me two poised kisses and a final thank you….

“Nah no thanks, my pleasure totally.  I live across the road third block, being neighbors and friends guess you need to watch out for me… cause I really sneak up in odd hours. Ha ha…”

Ricardo Elisiário

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One thought on “Two Weeks, Two Dates #11

  1. Yay! This is good!! I think I’ve missed some dates, need to go back and read all of them again! 😊 which is definitely not a problem! 💕

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