Too empty to sink

Ahh shut up! Why should I care? Yeah, why? Why not just live as the individuals we are. No connections and thus, no missed disconnections. It feels easy to subsist like this, always one step ahead of others. Is it a sign of some wisdom, a knowledge I inevitably acquired? Maybe I’m just now coming to acknowledge all that for years were only thoughts and burdens, heart aches that metamorphosed into serenity.

Yes, I think I got it this time, it’s different for once, I’m not that artless anymore and nah… there’s nothing wrong with me or with this forced-to-be-selfish growth. It’s natural even, obviously, and needed. No one is soft forever and those who are will never really live their lives for they’ll be ever too busy mending theirselves for others, most times, undeserving others, and how would I ever be like that? That’d be a joke.

I knew since the start that this wouldn’t do nor be me for too long. I’m sharp and yes, I enjoy it. Being in love makes us be what we could never become on our own, but should we ever obssess with entering a state we can’t reach solely by ourselves? Were we built to live in love after all?

“Yes!”, the world replies. But is the world deserving of any trust? We trust ourselves and in the end that’s the only thing we can take for granted, for the rest is always conditional… all is conditional, is foolish and impure. All is humane and humanity will never dry in us, for we’re too weak to let it go and become something else, something restless, something that burns at touch but something definitely better and more worthy of being.

Love or don’t! But either way, do it with conviction.


6 thoughts on “Too empty to sink

  1. “We trust ourselves and in the end that’s the only thing we can take for granted, , , , ”

    Oh that this were true! I have found myself to be as fickle to myself as anyone I have met. πŸ™‚

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