As volatile as one’s certainties

That’s what dreams end up being, fast and faint assumptions that soon can’t escape the faith that is their disappearance. A pessimist would say that a dream is but a display of life’s unreachable wonders, while one not so low-spirited might insist that any sparkle of beauty displayed may never be thought as too little.

Fantasy is, in the end, the most mind enriching genre. Our fantasy is hardly another’s fantasy but would we want our fantasy to be lived and wrecked by some other’s personal perception? And what if I am to ever struggle with dreaming, if I fail at it and can’t wander much off and away inside my mind? Will I ever miss what I haven’t had but know existent somewhere, in there, yet not in me?… Maybe, if somehow I have already tasted it? Did I? Can’t remember…

Eventually, dreaming becomes a derivation of memory, you dream with what soaks you through your existence, what sticks inside and around you. It’s funny how hardly will one forget a dream’s essence while possibly not being able to plainly recall the exact events that constituted the experience itself. So may a failure in dreaming about something be a signal of an eventual impossibility? Shan’t be real what can’t be the subject of a dream? Or should the opposite be just as clever a point of view, that to keep summoning a thought incapable of immersing us inevitably means that we’re reaching again and again for an unneeded thought. Is it as simple as this?

Volatile, I said up there, volatile will, volatile acknowledgement of how volatile we are seeming and being to others. Just as love creates love, and darkness a further dose of nothing, so does volatility create some sort of ungroundedness even when the ground is right beneath, palpable. Can we crave that unsettlement solely out of the fantasy it brings to our lives? Do we need ache to inspire and maybe die inspired? Do we really need that or may the dream of that be all we need after all? And should different kind of dreams hold a different validity as they came to grasp us during different states of mind? This is the reason some have given up on dreaming, it became a kid’s practice only as adult wonderings are clearly and usually stained with a gray that isn’t inviting anymore.

Yes. Think not that much and give a chance to dreams instead, and above all, let the lability they confer you be the most positive side of it all, for, most of the times, what ultimately comes to define us is everything but our mind’s certainties.

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9 thoughts on “As volatile as one’s certainties

  1. When we sleep, our soul partially departs from our body and returns back when we wake up. Hence, our sleep is a minor death and a daily preparation for our soul to taste the major death .
    The truthfulness of the dream is related to the sincerity of the dreamer. Those who have the most truthful dreams are those who are the most truthful in speech. 🙂

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  2. awww, beautifully expressed. Sometimes, my dreams take me to action but otherwise I am away from reality most of the times :p 😀

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