Two Weeks, Two Dates #6

Two Weeks, Two Dates is a fiction coming from the pens of two WordPressers, Ricardo Elisiário and Shaktiki Sharma, together contributing on a weekly basis.

Her new friend makes me nervous. His face is similar to someone I’ve seen her with before. I definitely have seen him before or someone like him… but it’s hard to recall now.

Excitement in her eyes spell danger to me…like always. She’s mine, she’s always been and will always be, no matter where she goes or what she does.

“Klara… you need to understand that I’m the only one who’d accept you with all your demons.”

She rushes out the beach house, dressed for a club… I know it’d be a club. I follow her like I always do but it’s getting so hard these days, her flings have been more frequent, to see her this way pains me.

She is planning a club night I’m sure. She loves to surprise… always knows what a guy would bring, she always knows the package.

The new guy is more casually dressed, and she kisses him on the cheek. The attraction between them… it poisons me. When she looks at him, I could see how we were…ohh why it had to end Klara? Why did it end that way. How better we were, our first date…the first kiss…that sparkle in your eyes. How imperfect he is, he could bring nothing like we created. He could never love you the way I did.

“Ohhh…could she be ever like that again? Did I not change her the way she changed me…?”

She drags the man into her favourite club…I knew this would be it.

“I know you too well Klara. No one will know you this way ever. You’d drink wine and admire your new catch, you’d take him to a beach and be alone with him, you’d kiss him, be playful and the game starts over. You repeat the story so often Klara that it’s even harder for me to stay… and wait for you this way.”

He is attracted, she’s letting him close. Despite being this far, I feel their warm breaths burning my soul. She will fall again…she will hurt again I know. There again I see my love down… there again she commits the sin…and again I fail to save her.

“But I promise to you Klara, I will rescue you from this…I won’t just witness you fall every time, I will find a way soon. Fate will bring us together…one day.”

Shaktiki Sharma

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