Two Weeks, Two Dates #5

Two Weeks, Two Dates is a fiction coming from the pens of two WordPressers, Ricardo Elisiário and Shaktiki Sharma, together contributing on a weekly basis.

“Well, let’s schedule this for 11 pm, shall we? Next to the promenade, we meet there and make further plans…okay?!… Yup, see you then!”

Shit, I’m late already, never on time, but he won’t mind. Yeah, he’s there already… as expected, looking way more casual than me, but still slick…yummy!!

“Hey there… again”. I gently move my hand over his firm shoulder and kiss him on the cheeks and just like invited, he grasps me by the arm…

“Where to, you say? Right there”

I just point it out and pull him towards our destination, our first date stop…

“Yah, come come…watch your step…don’t lose me… It’ll be fun!”

We enter the mellow bar, lightly crowded, Cuban music playing and the zen aroma is kind of intoxicating, just the way it always is…

“A glass of red wine, make it smooth and swallowable but strong still, I want to laugh tonight!”

I grin and stare at him for a moment just to spite him. He winks back at me and while I go find some cornered appropriate spot, he orders a vodka and coke.

“Cool place isn’t it? Well you’re with the best guide around here baby (cause baby always works with guys, right!?). I know my town, specially how to have a good tipsy time in it, that I assure you”. I stare in his eyes as he smiles at me approvingly. Indulged, trapped and will be taken home for sure… and I smile to myself at that thought.

We left the club and I feel unbalanced. He holds me though, he certainly isn’t better.

“Let’s go to the shore now… the very place we first met, sit in the sand hmm? Cause I’ve got to know you better… (he looks at me so lovingly, he’s done girl just play the card) cause you’re a mere stranger to me, one I merely happened to share a beach and a drink with!”

I winked and laughed loudly, and snuck up on him from the side for a fresh hug more like a pull. Grabbed his arm and pulled him along through the chambré sands, and then tried to trip him but he didn’t fall, instead just scooped me up and walked towards the beach and I gazed at the sky. You must be some goddess Klara… let Steve rot in hell…

“Yeah, right, why didn’t you put those arms to use before… making me walk all this time” I winked at him.

Right next to the line where the wet dries out to become dusty, he laid me down and sat right next… and fell back, resting.

He just goggled the sky that was pitch black for the moon had been late tonight, still on the horizon that was filled with salt spray and thick nebline, that we could see… I laid my hand upon his eyes and his smile illuminated the dusk. 1.30 am. It was chilling a little, in dressing for the day one is always fooled by nights as they fall fresh, and well, now it came to be the moment to perhaps just make the invitation… again!

“Would you like to join me back at my place, it’s only a five minute walk… well seven actually (I give him the intense gaze, it always works).

“No one’s there and it grants a better view than here anyway… and warmth! Cause you know… I’m freezing my ass off, literally… I can’t let that happen, will you!?”

Gently touching his belly, I let my fingers foolishly move around in a walking motion. His eyes emanating lust and answering me enough.

“Let’s go!”

Ricardo Elisiário

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