Two Weeks, Two Dates #4

Two Weeks, Two Dates is a fiction coming from the pens of two WordPressers, Ricardo Elisiário and Shaktiki Sharma, together contributing on a weekly basis.

Her eyes, transparent as water and that drowsy face is the sexiest she can ever look. I’ve always admired her in sleep cause that’s when her demons evaporate and that sculpted face goes expressionless for me to note every detail. It’s the only time when I’ve been closest to her…touched her at times, lightly like air but not waking her, only feeling her warmth. I would touch her soft brown hair, sit on the bed close to her and breathe in her fragrance…the one that intoxicates me all the time.

She slept longer than usual today but doesn’t look well rested. Hungry like always, my angel and her lazy habits. I see her dress up for the beach, just what I knew she would do. She loves these refuges. She loves the tan, the beach, sound of waves and her ambiguous presence. I love this place too…cause this was where we last met. It was just like yesterday, when we walked the shore hand in hand. I know she’s over me, but how can I forget her…she’s my only love ever. It’s a long story…hmmm…and I hate repeating it to myself.

Ohhh…someone’s caught her attention. I need to hear what’s going on.

She’s asking him out…she’s trying company…for her vacation.

Who would say no to her…no one…just like I couldn’t ever.

She’s excited to see him. I can see the sparkle in her eyes as she sees the dusk fall from the balcony.

But it’s just the vacation…she would never fall in love with anyone else…she needs him just for the vacation…she loves me still…I know…

Shaktiki Sharma

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5 thoughts on “Two Weeks, Two Dates #4

  1. Ahh! I love this!!! ❤️ I wish this was an everyday thing, and not just once a week! What a lovely way to finish a terrible day! Thank you! 😀

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