Two Weeks, Two Dates #3

Two Weeks, Two Dates is a fiction coming from the pens of two WordPressers, Ricardo Elisiário and Shaktiki Sharma, together contributing on a weekly basis.

The night has left me tired, not well rested at all. A little sneezy even, probably the window was left open last night… Yup it was. I really need to grab something, this travelling and stuff has famished me. An apple… half rotten, from my last visit. Well, we need groceries. The sun is already overhead and I feel the pinch on my bare skin… a perfect day for a dive and relaxing on the beach, guess I’ll catch up on the grocery store after that.

The beach and a serene spot, few people, fewer familiar to me, old couples, young children… like always. Faces… known and unknown, pretty silent early mornings. Few reasons to why I always take a refuge to this place… Can still trace the seagulls eating the remains from last day’s urban excesses.

Laying down, napping, subtly… well not really sleeping again, more like closing my eyes to the pale sun that is beginning to peak by now. Damn! Forgot my sunglasses at home… think I’ll just go for a bath, and workout a tan. A fad, an intention to this lonely stay. Wait who’s that guy?

Thats a good looking man… must say, kind of smiley with wavy hair and long legs, and apologising… cuuute!

“It’s okay”

Ohh… dear you need not apologize, just bump in again. How a guy can make your moods lift.

Ohh the water… how cold it is! The first touch impresses, a few splashes and it’s as good as always …just like boys, first impression and you know you gotta talk to this one. There he comes…

Stopping him in his tracks I put up my pretty side out, swing the dripping hair to front and bringing in more poise. Yes that look in his eyes… definitely approachable. I deviously wynk to myself.


Strange accent, a foreigner, a traveller with a van… perfect. Been here for two days, so a good prospect.

“Well I can show you around… it’s a beautiful place if travelled with the right person” I ask him proposingly.

He is friendly and frank. On his own… is good… a surfer… even better. I don’t lose any time, never do.

“Any plans tonight? There’s a few chill places around, not too noisy, we wouldn’t get lost… trust me” I wink at him.

He does… there we go. The vacation is on…

Ricardo Elisiário

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