Out of Sight

Yesterday, I saw you without you seeing me.

Felt something, as much as who I am still allows me to see, in you, for I know you don’t see me.

I do it for me, forever, and so that I may always know who you are, unconsciously.

You ignore it, my gaze. See me but of myself you know so very little, little of what I see, little of yourself.

And so you’ll find me from now on whenever I avoid looking at you, carefree, because what worries me is now the nothing you gave me each time you didn’t see me when I saw you.

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16 thoughts on “Out of Sight

  1. Incredible! I was reading it along with listening to my favorite music. After few line, I had to stop the music and had to concentrate on it because it was actually awesome and eye- catching. It made me revive some old memories! Well done!

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  2. My Dear Sir! 😀

    And to what response of yours may I enjoy if I were to say that I can see your words and they are indeed of a rather curious composition , to say the least! 🙂

    Warmest blessings!
    Mazzy 😀 😀 😀

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