Trying to master the general aspects of a life cropped in accordance with this love-born contour we happened to see fit for us is in itself a feat of provocative greatness.

From how we shouldn’t have felt to where we actually came to find ourselves buried in; this time interval, an undetermined length that we struggle to define with words probably incapable of describing what has always been so questionable.

How we find no time to keep up with an existence seemingly bound to be flawed from this moment on. We believe in this fulminant dark culmination so bluntly that we are led to consider our collapse something casual, a possible occurrence. Intelligently, we detect no purpose in fighting what’s supposed to unroll, it’s life and life’s knowingly made of these occasions. And this capability for abstract thought based on emotional disposition, a recognition and understanding of reality as we wished it could be, molding it and seeing it vanish once we try to plant it in this mundane world, it is our ruination.

Our mind trims a maze of alienation and we calmly greet its twists and turns, for it takes us only where we feel capable of going, as undisturbed as possible, and still we somehow ask for progress though we obviously find a sharper warmth in standing unaltered. We ignore what we need when we need it most, there’s no help, no one who could or should, they try but they’re not us to come and eximeously think or feel on our behalf.

We linger strong and long after sunset, insomnia grasps our time to dream with what might be lighter, while shadows fall upon the clock consuming our already darkened spectre. We sleep to forget, drinking solely steals the focus of us grievants. Having loved is something to be proud of but taking pride in being hurt seems senseless, it certainly is, but it’s the last thing we can eventually show off before time washes everything away and frees us.

How hard can it be to fight against an awareness willing to bleed and perhaps die in the name of a love? Well, as hard as the amount of effort you put into staying awake and alive for a cause that will perish as soon as you dare to leave it behind.

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20 thoughts on “Self-quarantined

  1. The nature of love has beauty to share, amongst the sometimes pain we bear – yet true love reigns because of him, and life results to live again!

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  2. Wow! Allow me to first start by stating that your theme is not one I directly “click” on in order to read more. However, you developed great depth, and poetry even, to your style of writing, which enhanced conveying your message across. The manner in which you used the terms “… this time interval … been so questionable” was perhaps my favorite part in that it paid tribute to the whole notion and importance of connecting within the finite time frame we are given on earth. Again, I enjoyed your style and diction. Well done.

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      1. My pleasure; I look forward to reading more of your perspective. I currently wrote a piece related to the subject of love from a philosophical perspective, and I am awaiting to hear from a few newspapers to see if they decide to publish it in their op-ed sections (which is something I had never tried doing before). Otherwise, I plan on posting on my page. Given your writing, I would encourage you to do the same. Until next time, author brother.

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