Forgive to forget


Have you silenced?

Didn’t I do?

Could you not see?

Happened to us?


Am I?

Have you been?

To fetch myself from you?

May I go?


Were we nobody?

Are you still somebody?

Could we not have something?

Do I still long all alone?


Was wrongly right?

Caused this to grow stale?

Heard what wasn’t said?

Is to blame?


Did we move on?

Started you regretting?

Should I have forgotten this?

Did you leave?

Will you ever tell me?

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17 thoughts on “Forgive to forget

            1. How are you so sure that the person writing in here is me and not my heteronym, a false persona, and I myself have experienced none of this I say!? That’d be enough to leave you slightly surprise wouldn’t it?! 😉 And by the way, you may not know, but who first created the literary concept of “heteronym” was a Portuguese writer called Fernando Pessoa. Google it…

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              1. Call it instinct or whatever I just know I’m good at unraveling and it came from experience 😁😕 but like another flip to coin. you might be right! God knows 😝 Okay will Google it 😨

                Liked by 1 person

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