The Road

Life is a road, and a road is but a line connecting two marked points in space, and time if we’re considering life as our object; and usually, variations in time imply movement, unless we prefer placid existence to take over life in its prime.

Can we change without evident external progress? Yeah, as what we accomplish, and are motivated to grow into, should not bother nor depend on anyone’s will, but our own. The acknowledgement of said state needed to erect something in life, can be judged as an insurgent use of our individuality, for an empathizing underlying attitude burns no one but also takes us nowhere sometimes; and we must ultimately respect ourselves.

I’m not an apologist of relentless behaviour, but neither should a passive mannerism turn personality into a depersonalized identity. So if doing things our way gets us to places only we are abided to visit, meaningless to everyone else, how could we sit still? We should not. Life is at birth given to us as a route, and the thing about planned trips is that they allow very few alterations, if the original destiny and proper stops at staged moments are still to be accomplished. However and frequently, not until we’re already half way through our journey, we’ll find our answers and such elucidation in such late stadiums of a persona’s development can be dangerous if we recklessly react to life’s ruthless signals.

Self-improvement is itself the longest ride, one that turns out to be never-ending and the longer we experience it, striding along this continuing path, the more conscious we become of that. As life means change, change is the translation of the happenings in life, and as to explain it, let me talk about something I so gladly found and came to hear, Matthew McConaughey’s 2014 Oscars speech. He said, at some point, that someone once asked him: “Who’s your hero?” and after two weeks of pondering he came up to said person and answered “It’s me in ten years!”. He finished saying that as he ages, his hero will always be ten years away. And this part struck me, for we move through life to overcome ourselves, that’s our main goal. A success that may solely be intrapersonal, unshared and unseen, but still a sensation of aptitude we so clearly aspire.

This is the struggle of life, its road was never formerly drawn, it’s instead tunneled as we advance and learn, and hence live. Life is the cruise we opt to do, nothing other than that, and the thought of existing with an unthought purpose, blank of inborn expectations, is an awareness potentially freeing and inciting of a fleeing based on feeling.

This is life, as easy as it can possibly be!

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16 thoughts on “The Road

  1. The road ahead…so full of questions, left or right or staight on, deviate from the intentions or stay on course. Deep Stuff, good post, as always and you found a delightful photo to accompany your wise words.xx

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