All that you can’t leave behind

Some say we can be in good or bad spirits, or even stay there as an undefined spirit that crawls in a faithless manner. Those spirits, we contain them all at once and forever, it’s only a matter of which one feeds on the others.

Walking so you may move somewhere else, to wherever you might need to be. Inertia doesn’t mind the lack of progress and so do the ones aware of what they still esteem and look back for, sure of the impossibility that is to leave such things behind.

It feels as if we were to forget what rose us, to betray a feeling we hold dear, a sensation that will always remain ours alone, unstolen. What would they be stealing anyway? Us, our being would mean so little if undressed of what we crave to lose.

We regard our own momentum with the frankness we might only need to perceive that truth was never the condition which led us here, to this place eased with the colors of introspection. We fell alongside with the foolishness of our brimming love.

Lies, they can only wrong us once, twice to those ones truly mistaken. If there’s something love is bound to teach us, is the possibility of living amongst what we would never see if it weren’t for it to have happened. To flee from yourself is unneeded and unadvised.

Walk away so you get a glimpse of those parts of yourself stuck back there, the ones who know it better than you, that you will never grow free through walking away. Walk on and experience the weight of dragging a heart that’s unwilling to be torn apart.

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