I would

If we were to speak again would I say anything at all? Would you?

If you ever struggle to find love in where you may be right now would you remember to find me? I would give it to you, again. Would you take it this time?

If we were to speak never again would I not cry? You wouldn’t, I know, but how could I not?

If I awoke to find my last day would I go and try to see you one final time? Would I? Would you stare back and not feel a thing? You wouldn’t, that I know.

If I came upon you and held your hand would you regret how we wronged ourselves and grew apart from misunderstandings? You could and would, but should you? Would I learn if it all was to be as easy as going back?

If I apologized would I be saying something you do not know yet? Wouldn’t you know I’m now sorry as clearly as you once knew me in love with you?

You could never love a man who would love you more than himself, you once told me. And now I ask you: How would I not?

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26 thoughts on “I would

  1. Once we have truly loved someone they linger in our hearts and memories forever. It is impossible to erase them. However, I look forward to experiencing love with my soul mate-it is only a matter of time, he will come to me. I long for him.

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        1. Haven’t I already wrote something about it? I truly don’t know since I have a good amounts of writings by now, but it sounds like a good topic to me! And I never said it but you’re totally free to make suggestions because sometimes it’s hard to come up with new ideas, and if you throw me one, then I have something to think on and digest, and then show it to you all if it comes up good enough! 😉 Thanks for reading me!

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          1. Hahha you are good spirits lately :p thanks to your new acquaintances that made you come out of your shell of hibernation :p just jesting! ! But yeah do read ..you are one of few people I have grown accustomed to read 🙂

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            1. Ohh acquaitances! I think the acquaitances are not quite as powerful as time (in a way and in my case), except if you actually are lucky enough to find a really fine and lovely acquaitance 😉 And, frequently, that doesn’t happen as easily as we wished.
              And about the post I referred now, in accordance with your suggestion, that one was basically a text on how to “walk on” (beautiful U2 song by the way) and yes, there’s a lot to say about the act of (not) walking on. We never really walk on from this (and that’s good, I think, I know), and “if you ever do”, you don’t haha
              You can and should walk “away” but “on”, that’s isn’t really necessary (nor possible maybe). 😉

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              1. I have listened the song if any way you are saying about ‘beautiful’ by Zed. .
                Yes I don’t really know all this sadly and man! the lengths you go make me like “love is an ocean and it’s depth is infinite” :p
                I got this all twisted in my head Coz like always I lack this paroxysm of love 😂😂😂 so I can’t really relate😄

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