If we were to speak again would I say anything at all? Would you?

If you ever struggle to find love in where you may be right now would you remember to find me? I would give it to you, again. Would you take it this time?

If we were to speak never again would I not cry? You wouldn’t, I know, but how could I not?

If I awoke to find my last day would I go and try to see you one final time? Would I? Would you stare back and not feel a thing? You wouldn’t, that I know.

If I came upon you and held your hand would you regret how we wronged ourselves and grew apart from misunderstandings? You could and would, but should you? Would I learn if it all was to be as easy as going back?

If I apologized would I be saying something you do not know yet? Wouldn’t you know I’m now sorry as clearly as you once knew me in love with you?

You could never love a man who would love you more than himself, you once told me. And now I ask you: How would I not?

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