I love(d) you, thanks for that!

Funny is the feeling of living through your influence and having grown to love things or places or emotions I didn’t think could be felt or seen or touched.

Fantastic were those seconds which blended together to form the hours I spent appreciating something I didn’t quite understand at first, something you touched in me so sligthly. Yet it was enough to build me, and those countless hours now compiled into years of this acknowledgement I tend to overanalyse, once in a while, because more than having loved you, I love the thought of loving you still and continuously, and for no reason as it sometimes seems to me, if I dare to question this mind of mine. The sensation of certainty in these words I write, turning my existence into an imortal expression of this constant state of my being. Being able to write something I know I will not erase later on, not everyone can do that, only the ones who came to feel love this harshly, and beautifully.

I must thank you for allowing me to be this clear about some feeling I maintain for someone, you. I got to know myself so deeply during all this. How could I feel the void ignorance I was before you knew me? I was too young to know of such intense sensations. Evolving along with you and the sight of those eyes whose colour has came to be my favorite, it was so pleasing. Your gaze when you were serious or joyful, doubtful or even surprised, I’ve seen them all and still they make grin, as always, when I vaguely imagine how you may be right now. Good, I hope. It’s still the same for me, surprisingly maybe, but this resting passion in me is worth it all. I was once happy to see you everyday, and now that I can’t do it anymore, I’m happy for having seen you as well as I could with the time I had.

Forever thankful am I for having met you once so that I can now always remember you.

Kisses, see you tomorrow!

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18 thoughts on “I love(d) you, thanks for that!

  1. My goodness! Those last two lines struck my head because I’m going through something similar. Being happy to see someone everyday and then not… Bravo! I really enjoyed reading this. Oh, and thanks for the like and follow.

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  2. I love anything about love. Love is my most favourite emotion and its helps me to keep on believing, hoping and being happy. Love is beautiful and anything is possible of love ❤️❤️❤️

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