To Paris

To use holy words as a shout of war and way to meet the most absurd results, it’s insane.

To spread fear throughout a humanity that should pursue tranquility and acceptance and impersonate it to live on it, it’s a mistake.

To assume evil resides within men when we know it does not, because bad things embarrass us as we are human and we feel, and for those who cannot see reality through the words I’m preaching right now, I pity them for they’re blind.

To sow the destruction of a balanced nation by throwing agony to the face of those who are joyful, living and believing in the diaphanous side of the world they know, the one and only side we should, and could see, if only we wanted it to be so, it’s cruel.

To ache and feed the heart’s cry for revenge, sounds fair and wrong, and hate should not be reciprocated, ever. But to understand that, it’s challenging, especially for those who got caught into all this, off guarded. And after all, I must simply remind you that every time a human doubts of his own innate humanity, he’s solely mistaken and stupidly betraying the raw purpose of life.

To allow the expression of hopeful though sad and teary shy faces stained with pain, and spite them to run around the world and let their words of sorrowful love reverberate through life and time; and to maybe even add a few more sentences in between their speeches which may occasionally mute away, for they are slowly drowning in the mist of doubt surrounding existence in moments like this, it’s imperative.

To pray or to not do it, for Paris, it’s irrelevant. To understand and exchange perceptions and talk about this, it’s vital. To disapprove, it is not to live in denial, but instead to accept the truth, to move on without forgetting and most of all, to give our best in making sure that the wrong ways of the world will never become an inevitably accepted reality for us all.

To Paris, with love.

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19 thoughts on “To Paris

        1. The thing is that I’m not a reader (ahah, though I’ve been trying to enter the world of literature lately… and I’m liking the experience so far). Maybe I’ll give it a chance one day! Thanks again, I’m enjoying yours as well, your words are beautiful and written in a way that reminds me of my own form of expressing my thoughts..

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  1. As I wrote in my own post, rising above the fear, the darkness and not allowing it to bring us down to its level…..that is what I believe is needed. Spreading fear shows weakness, love shows strength. Let us not allow raw emotion to steer us down the same path as those who do these acts.

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  2. Perfect timing…its not the time to pray just for Paris instead pray for the whole world. Problem is not that there are less talks or that we need more exchange of words. The problem is with interpretation. Seeking humanity in yourself is the right idea but how right is your perception of humanity needs to be explored first. Everyone has their right to become whatever they want, the fault is in the perception of what we believe ourselves of becoming. Religion can never support terrorism but then its not what they believe and you can do nothing to change their believes. Its tougher in todays scenario.

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  3. Reblogged this on copycatdee and commented:
    Yes, it’s time that we, as humans, as “sane” and the most intelligent species on earth begin to realize that this is our world and we need to make it a beautiful place for everyone, and that means absence of discrimination, fear and terrorism…

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  4. Yea…I feel uneasy, there are atrocities committed every day at the moment, we all know it and say little….Yet when it happens on our doorstep, we cry out in indignation and horror, yet when you think this would be nothing in Syria..I have well and truly lost the plot …

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