Love time and live

The word time is almost as recurrent as the word love, if not more. These two words together form the impression of either pain or infinite joy.

If it needs time, the occurrence of a period of nothing in between two points of maybe a little less than something, it’s because it will probably not happen. Love doesn’t ask for breaks or waiting, it bumps in, rushing, that’s what makes it surprisingly scary, an unexpectedly bittersweet, swiftly moving elixir we wash the insides of our mouth with. It heals us, but never without a slight burn, a stinging numbness marking the exact moment in which you’ve let go of yourself to allow her to come in.

Those pauses in the sensation of love, the stupid conscience that overpowers your need for a conversation, little talks that fill you, creating your wholeness. They mean everything and yet, you find the strength to avoid them. Well, she doesn’t care, does not fancy them, perhaps only sometimes, but your mind surrounds her fleeting, ready to flee presence, always and in ways that stagnate your sprightliness. But that’s fine, it doesn’t matter for as long as I know how she stings me and ignores how her lost resounding words cure me.

Because we may choose to live in a beautiful denial, an estranging lie we soak our minds with. And so we wait, hoping and surely longing. It’s the habit of a lover, to ignore whatever opposes his true feelings and improbable believes. For in life we are not happy by having what we want, but instead through avoiding the damaging parts and moments and truths and obviously clear silences of her, the ones we promptly abhor.

You may not hold her, not now or never did, whatever the case may be. But yes, you loved and love her still, forever, for true love, that one which touches your body in places you didn’t even know existed, this kind of love doesn’t happen everyday. Some never experience it, others struggle with it, but only a few truly comprehend the inspirational power of a love this impenetrable, an undying feeling only you, alone, perceive, fully.

In the end, the one and simple words of advice I must say on this, on love and time, is that there is no better time to love than loving on time and with all the time you possess.

Stop thinking that the love you gave has gone to waste, it did not, never does. That loving initiative you acted on, it is unique, exclusive of yourself as the only one who can see her for who she is, and I must admit that sensation, a feeling of containing her with myself, from a distance, it has been so alluring to me, crazily warming to my esprit. After all, the memories of what you once offered of you, they’ll fix you by feeding you life later on.

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36 thoughts on “Love time and live

      1. You are welcome. Will be reading more of your posts.
        There is so much in this entry that I can relate to. Being the love that didn’t wait, bumped in and took someone’s breath away. It’s scary, not only for the person being loved, but also for the person loving with such intensity. Because they give every last ounce of their emotion, drain and yet, somehow, find more to give.

        I’ve re-read few lines and totally agree with “stop thinking that the love you gave has gone waste.That loving initiative you acted on, it is unique, exclusive of yourself as the only one who can see her for who she is..” – of course it is unique, it’s the DNA of you and him/her. You breathe him/her, You dream him/her, You carry out conversations in your brain with him/her, You yearn him/her, You cry for him/her…you leave and have left on yourself, an imprint that can never be replicated. That love can never be ‘designed’ with another. It spoils you for anyone else. It does.

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        1. Yes, loving with such intensity is rarely felt and imprints memories that will never cease to make you smile or cry whenever they decide to emerge from within you. That’s love and love teaches to keep loving and looking forward because every person is unique but not the last one. There will be one who’ll receive you fully so you can then look back and feel happy and thankful for having loved once, unrequitedly, intensily, painfully, someone who unconsciously taught you how love must be felt and offered.! The more I live, the more I believe this to be true 😉 Thanks


  1. I especially like the last paragraph, and Fix You by Coldplay, one of my favorite groups. Other fave songs include The Scientist and Yellow.

    Thank you again for sharing your soul, for allowing us to savor the bittersweet with you.

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  2. Hey! I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I love what you write. I may not comment and like every post but trust me I always take the time to read it and it is absolutely AMAZING dear! I think that the L word is the best gift that we are born with and we should spread it as much as we can. “Everything is possible with LOVE” Keep it out!

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  3. Because we may choose to live in a beautiful denial…
    Aah! The paragraph above is beautiful! Not only for love but true for any relationship or aspiration!
    College you said thats keeping you away? Well, studies are important but just a reminder – we love to read what you pen down.

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        1. Now, with college started, waking up at 6.30 to only arrive at 7 or 8 pm, my time to write is very little. Not like in summer holidays when I’d have all the time to think of this. That’s the main reason for my subtle absence… 😉

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  4. Yeah the charm of loving on time is undeniable drowning the lovers in the forsaken bond but soon one of the party leaves coz it might end up bruising them and as alluring as it was, it slowly beguil us to move on as the stagnant love is no love

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