Wait, you can’t forget?

To wait or to forget?

When you find yourself still, holding and waiting, for you know you can’t ever forget. When you actually wrong your honest disbelief by saying you have a choice; you can either wait or forget. Now, honestly, you cannot, forgetting stopped being an option once you’ve stepped into this parallel realm, the blurring depths of true love. And so you wait…

Love is never forgotten, it sometimes may be ignored, perhaps surpassed, hidden or even blinded. But you will never be able to numb its strength, to really stop it from touching your tender flesh whenever it pleases.

You wait while you believe that whatever is yet to arrive won’t be as tasty as this remnants of a gone reality, meaningful residues exhaling a lovely warmth, cozy enough to hold you prisoner of this so itchingly abrasive memory of your lost love. When her ghostly smile, a picturesquely alluring fruit of your desperately lonely imagination stops you from going on a search for a new untried and genuine joy. When your longing passion for shadows impedes you from giving your brain some rest by feeding your heart forgetfulness.

That’s the “her” you have inside you telling you to not let go. You hear her above yourself when she doesn’t say a word; you struggle, badly, to assimilate your own interpretation of what she has never even professed, nor ever will.

To wait or to forget?

Well, now you know the answer, you’ll wait and wait, and live waiting for as long as it takes you to find out there’s no need to keep fighting away what you’ll constantly recall. Because life has always been a long wait, an ecstatic linger for those uniquely beautiful moments you so hopefully wish to never forget.

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26 thoughts on “Wait, you can’t forget?

  1. Beautiful. Today’s pic does not have golden hair…its not…anyways. here goes

    Its not not a thought to forget..
    Its not a mistake to forgive…
    It never will be a lost moment…
    with any needs to recall…
    Its her in you, you are complete this way…
    you live this way…
    This wont go.
    But life would last…
    Find that joy…
    Joy that finds you…
    That wont ever ask you…

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      1. Lost is a vague word Rick…emotions are never is an emotion….its beyond the capacity of being lost. Every emotion that we think we can forget, is the most re-ocurring one and are beyond our control. There is no sense in trying to forget or give up something we are not in control of.
        Besides all of this, am glad you replied. I love to read from you.

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        1. Yes, as I said, I will never lose the change it/her caused in me. That change, and the way I perceive it, has the ability to convert simple memories into meaningful experiences, something that I lived and will, from now on and forever, offer me a richer perspective, a different one, on her but especially on myself as I came to be a product of her, inevitably.

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            1. The funny thing is that as time goes, and the more I love her (because I believe love is something that simply does not decrease, it can’t), the more I actually smile. And it usually takes a while, more than we wanted, to reach that phase when you fully appreciate what happened and stop resenting the future for not planning to have her in it.
              Once you understand this, you’ll love how happy that love made and will always make you feel, for you’ll have all you ever wanted, you’ll feel her without having her, and that’s enough. It has to be. 😉

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