Love is felt, not fucked

Sometimes the one who deeply loves is seen as someone who doesn’t really want.

You know it’s love when you find yourself so idyllically tranquil by simply holding her on sight, not in a rush to grab or grasp, to have and perhaps harm.

When the honesty encircling true love turns the intrinsic pleasure attained through lustful desire into something meaningless.

When an unceasing look is worth more than an erratic touch.

When the joy of admiring surpasses the will for possession.

When risking experiencing a little more isn’t what I crave, for this nothing, when shared with her, means so everything.

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53 thoughts on “Love is felt, not fucked

  1. Wanted to say thanks for like my post. Nice to know someone is out there defining love and not accepting the definition of others. My daughter writes a blog as a single mother of two and the hardships she has experienced by those who find her beautiful and desirable but asking too much to want love and commitment for more than a night or a season. Keep writing. It gives many hope and I pray she will find the same when I send her here. Her blog is:

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    1. I don’t know. Can we have any kind of relationship with love itself? Is love an independent identity? Or do we love, instead, the person who embodied love as we want to see it?
      But yes, in a way, love tends to be bittersweet. It oscilates between the best and the worst it can offer us, and so we’re moody in that manner as well, we can’t dodge its power and effect on our sentimental disposition.

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  2. Surely, by now, you must be aware of your sublime ease in making women swoon over your words. You’re a man of many talents! hehe this blog is so my guilty pleasure..

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  3. This really is beautiful. I love your writing. I live for a day that I can look at a girl and be more turned on emotionally to wake up beside her than to go to bed with her. Similar idea I think, just not as well expressed!

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  4. Those are one of the few times that you love not just to be loved back. When you defy human nature to expect the slightest returns.
    For love of that sort requires no reciprocation; it is a love content in simply existing.
    I think, if you can love that way, your selflessness will pay; I know not when, or how even. But the love will only intensify till the end; if not for her, you will be loved by yourself a lot more. 🙂

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    1. I’m not saying that a glance is ultimately better than a touch.
      But there is a time when you find that person that causes you to feel like a blink of eye and a shy smile from her, that’s basically all you’ll ever need.
      Of course I desire her too, physically, more than any other man, but that type of spite is not what fuels this kind of love.

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      1. I think I blame my love in way that she left me like this, and I mean: like this. But if she leaves me, it is of course entirely up to her how. Leaving without leaving is what she did, as if forgetting about her was the only way to resolve. So did your love leave you? (I have not been able to get that much aquainted with your writings 😉 ).

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        1. Yes, the love that was never nothing, she faded away with time. I can’t say she left me because she was never with me. We’ve always been friends, and ultimately, even friendships can theoretically be destroyed by unrequited love. It’s hard to sustain that disparity of feelings. Even harder to swallow those lonely pinches of indifference she would inevitably season me with.

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          1. Sounds pretty familiar to me, only we were neighbours in the same house, not friends as such. And she was christian. I will spare you the details. I know you follow me 😉

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            1. But no, I don’t blame her for how things went. The more the time passes, the less I tend to attribute fault to each one of us, singularily. If she didn’t feel it, she couldn’t fake it, and the opposite goes for me.
              Things happen or they don’t. And if they do not, they naturally come to an end. For that’s the only way people can move on and live.

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  5. I’ve slept with over one hundred men and have yet to experience “love.” Now, I’ve devoted my life to God and don’t want to even be kissed, until my wedding day. I hope I get to experience “love” with a man someday. ❤

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    1. Actually woman who had hundred man and went through that stage are best and most faithful wives later, becuase we went through all experience and excietement of having lovers and we aren’t tempted anymore to compare with woman who stayed so long in one relation that out of boredom and in search for new experiences decided to cheat.

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      1. I doubt the number had any quantitative meaning in real. We might have also said tousand but don’t take everything literally dear;-) The main meaning stays… And if that is going to help you to grasp the real message then read 10, Sona 😉

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