Her eyes

Blue as subtle as a drop of the salty worried ocean, on those neglected december evenings.

Green when she would get tired from swimming, resting, serene, dozed off on the sand.

Teal on the low dimmed mornings, old nights struggling to turn into day.

Emerald was the hardest on me, so pricey on my soul, a luxury to my heart.

Turquoise to match the feather earrings she wore, such a marvelous sight.

Jade against the white sunlight, cold and vaporizing, exposing her poised spirit.

Sapphire while she silently cried, a mute weep, too independent to ever show vulnerability.

Aqua to embrace me in a last deathly dive, an immersive eviction of myself, my whole essence.


All these tones of her… and yet my feelings were constant,

Love, love and love again.

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