On dire straits

No, don’t worry, you didn’t get yourself into any kind of trouble. Today, I’ll talk about and share some insights on this British rock band, started in the late 70’s. My favourite band of all time. They showed me how music should sound and lyrics must feel.

Dire Straits – 02/02/1992 – Oakland, CA
Mark Knopfler (lead vocals and lead guitar) – Dire Straits – 02/02/1992 – Oakland, CA

No song so far has made me silently quiver like “Brothers in Arms“. The lonely guitar solos, feeling like sharp penetrating needles injecting you with a little bit of everything, a spicy mix of feelings. Love, loss, longing and pain described through impeccable lyrics, portraying the heavy toll war always had on men. The times we spent foolishly fighting our brothers in arms. And what for?

“But it’s written in the starlight
And every line in your palm
We are fools to make war
On our brothers in arms”

My priceless old dIRE sTRAITS T-shirt
My priceless old dIRE sTRAITS T-shirt. My father received it as a bonus when he bought the album, back in the 80’s.

Since I first listened to the biggest hits like “Money for Nothing“, “So Far Away“, “Lady Writer” or “Sultans of Swing“, this wonderful group began to inspire me with such honestly touching perspectives on these various subjects. Mark Knopfler is an outstanding song writer and guitar player. From war to love, the worst and the best of human nature. He picks both sides, strips them naked and forces them to look at each other with acceptance, to perceive the similarities inside their evident disparity. And so love and war fall for each other and breed. Respect is born to impartially rule and conquer this flawed world.

Dire Straits is Dire Straits's first studio album. Released on 7 October 1978. It contains the hit single
Dire Straits is Dire Straits’s first studio album. Released on 7 October 1978. It contains the hit single “Sultans of Swing”.

The smell of romance is naturally occurring in most of the songs, not to say in every single one. And yes, I know all their portfolio, and you’ll find me air guitaring more than often, while I see myself immersed in their tunes. A peaceful mood forces itself inside me, cleansing me from any lost remains of hate and grudge. Throwing those atrocious feels and vibes to the fierce wild beasts, the lions, freeing my mind and body to happily ride this restless express train, through a boundless tunnel of love, drilled out from the icy cold walls of bitterness.

“And she was made in heaven
Heaven’s in the world
Is this just expresso love
You know I’m crazy for the girl”

It’s true that we may actually hurt others and even ourselves trying to find the reason in things. Our active aggressiveness towards life and the promises it may or may not hold, they damage our humanity and well-being. Violence cannot bring peace. So why worry focusing on scaring the bad things which inevitably haunt us, when we should instead be nourishing the sweet moments in life, so we can turn them into strong lifelong realities. Everything commences, small and hopeless, and ends in the same exact way, crunching and hiding, awaiting for their rightful, eternal rest.

In between those short moments, we vividly exist, striding away, along the walk of life. Those changes we continuously experience and evolution’s striking pace are so beautifully expressed in “Telegraph Road“, an almost 15 minutes long song, a relish to the soul.

“Cause I’ve run every red light on memory lane
I’ve seen desperation explode into flames
And I don’t want to see it again

From all of these signs saying, “Sorry, but we’re closed”
All the way
Down the telegraph road”

Pile of all my Dire Straits albums.
Pile of all my Dire Straits CD’s

And now, to culminate and since I’m a love inspired blogger, I must say that dIRE sTRAITS have always been the soundtrack to my life, flawless melodies fitting to my never ending thoughts and floating doubts.

I recently found a song from the early demos, called “Bernadette“. This one is so what we, people who helplessly love someone, struggle with when gazing our crush, wordlessly begging her to love us back, for we know that’s the only way she’ll eventually reach ultimate happiness and fulfillment.

And she, sadly, seems to be the only one unaware of that. Check it out, you won’t regret it! There’s such a groovy rhythm to it.

“She married a fool
Who’s in love with himself
Don’t give a damn about anyone else

And it’s a wasted life
And a waste of time
What’s it gonna take to make
You change your mind”

Home-made poster. I had a fun night doing this, a few months ago.
Home-made poster. I had such a fun night doing this, a few months ago. Now exposed in my bedroom wall.

16 thoughts on “On dire straits

  1. I first heard Sultans of Swing in a bar/disco in Germany in the late 70s. It was after period of crap music in the charts and it was a breath of fresh air and I love the song. Mark Knopfler can make that guitar sing and is such a great guitar player…a complete natural.

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  2. “A love struck Romeo sings the streets a serenade / Laying everybody low with a love song that he made / Finds a streetlight, steps out of the shade / Says something like, “You and me, Babe – How about it?” ” – It takes a special kind of ‘something’ to rewrite Shakespeare like that! My absolute favourite Dire Straits song. Xx

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  3. Takes me back. When I emigrated from UK, I had to leave all my vinyl behind. You made me visit iTunes today. Thanks for your post.

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