Do it yesterday, say it now, love it forever

Touch, whether it’s a lasting embrace or a slight peck to the hip bone, you do it with the spite of feeling, feeling just a little more than the distance abides you to taste from afar. Closeness is what we crave, that magnetic warmth exclusively expelled by women, impelling our kindness towards their subtle figure.

Eyes can give you life so as their absence can drain it out of you. They can ruthlessly fool you or honestly tell you the harsh truth. More than a few times you’ll bust them doing both things simultaneously, if you’re wise enough. Just dare to look at them and maybe, just maybe you’ll understand what they are trying to say.

Words may say everything while nothing at all. Though the right ear may be able to learn from the wrong mouth, the opposite will hardly take place. Careless and relentless confessions frequently breed and create, among others, heartless romantics, vacant smiles, estranged existences. Old beings forced to be no more what they once were.

Space feels immense when undesired, wide and bare, a lot can grow in there if we dare to pack our bags and go, but instead we trail around the same old river, never venturing and still we foolishly and inertly pray for fortune and prosperity. How can we be so naïve?

Apathy, deficitary expression through words creates loudness in thoughts, screaming heads willing change it all, to live at last but lacking the simple courage to profess their needy body wishes. Don’t fear the no you know you’ll get, someone once said, if I rightly remember. Stop carrying the weight of the unknown. Seize that answer you ask yourself every night but only she can give you.

Love is an ingeniously crafted engine, being these five words I stated above examples of the toothed wheels which compose it. Oil it frequently with tears of contentment and the exuding bliss that steams out of you while you find yourself cherishing the one who loves you. This way I guarantee you, love will run, slow and steady, forever…

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20 thoughts on “Do it yesterday, say it now, love it forever

  1. Loved it…. every word of it…. every memory it evoked on me..


    Just today i wrote “the key is to just keep playing like it was day one”

    Thank you for your writing. . Hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You know? I think those ayes are avoiding me.. cuz i think the mouth will say one thing, but (hopefully, if they felt like i did) the eyes will yet another….
    And right now that truth is just too much for him to take….

    So he has his eyes avoiding me.. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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