I couldn’t be writing a love blog without making reference to one the most passionately intense musicians and lyricists I’ve heard so far.

His name is Ray LaMontagne.

I only have one note to make. Beware of its music, as it can be so revolving and penetrating it will slowly blend your viscera without you even noticing. His songs tend to naturally turn into massive blows to the core and spirit as you keep listening and learning, too heavy to handle, and I speak from self experience. His deep buried voice will pick you up and throw you away. It’s heart-rending.

The melodies slowly fill your vacant and relentless mind with a different kind of emptiness, a glooming one. A voidness that encloses you from the inside out, as you innocently try to perceive it.

Listen to “Empty“. I won’t even describe it as it speaks for itself. A loud scream of pain and love, that pain you’ll only reach and fell through deep loving and caring. The kind of ache not everyone is miserably luck enough to have experienced yet, only those who wander and wonder risking to lose themselves, trying to find the right answers to the questions they shouldn’t even have tried to ask in the first place. The unanswerable ones.

He will lead you into thinking that love will only be found within yourself, alone, while striking you with the conscientious knowledge of the desolation brought by solitude.

Those paradoxes we face only to torment us.

The doubts we so passionately nurture and heart-feed, trying to discover the reason for our weakening and beautiful humanity, our roaring hunger for passion and wild thirst for what we’ll one day perceive as disguised poison.

Ray sheds light on this encrypted subject, offering you a uniquely great perspective, one that might hurt but will surely make you grow.

Definitely a must-hear for anyone who’s trying to figure love out.


19 thoughts on “Empty

  1. Love Ray Montague, a very soulful writer, musician and composer. Thank you for stopping by my blog too and taking the time to read. I did not think anyone would, ever. I write silly narratives – love, life, philosophy and story. Cheers.

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  2. Oh My Gosh, I love Ray. I was first introduced to his music when Kelly Clarkson cover his song Shelter. I thought it was written very wonderfully, so I looked up more of his stuff. I fell in love with his voice as soon as he sang the first lyric. He has the power of just drawing you in. By far he is my favorite male vocalist, Singer/songwriter. Not only do you have a great blog, but you have an amazing taste of music.

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    1. Oh thank you! well the pictures i get them at, an awesome site for professional photography. I have the names in the caption for you to look them up. The song is awesome, it really hits home, at least for me. 😉 Glad you enjoy reading!

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