Life is strange

Love eases the troubled whilst troubling the eased.

It mends the broken so then it can break those mended.


We can’t all win, every time. Nothing remains unchanging forever.

That could only be achieved if time wasn’t time, and we could rewind it.

Day dies so night grows. For darkness can surprisingly teach us more than light itself.

When gloomy, we finally look inside, as the outside is too shadowy and blurry for us to benefit from it.

In our head, thoughts evolve, recede, surprise and disappoint us, but never look two times the same.

That’s why we never know, for sure, the true validity of the choices we make. We opt and we hope.

Was it the proper decision? Will this smile I now present last long enough that I won’t regret it later?

Give it some time, and time will be there to answer you that.

After all, love is an intemporal question and time it’s inevitable response. Always.

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54 thoughts on “Life is strange

  1. I enjoy your prose. May I offer one thing? One thing is unchanging: God. James 1:17, “Every good and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom can be no variation, nor turning shadow”. I do enjoy the sort of homonym-like dualities you play with. Take care.

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  2. Well said Ricardo,
    This picture reminded me one of poems that I have read in my own language. I will try to convey its meaning in English to give the same feeling that I got from it. Here it comes;

    Farewell Poem

    We are like two bars
    of one railroad,
    The closeness
    of the terminal station
    makes a difference?!

    Author: Sunay Akın

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  3. I just made a post on my blog that you liked. Between the time I posted that and the time that I received your like notification, I felt many of the things you capture here and had a discussion about it. Our conversation didn’t capture it nearly as beautifully as you have, however. Thank you for this post. ❤

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    1. Beautiful words. You stopped by my page today, when I clicked on yours I see this blog entitled “life if strange” and I thought, that was funny since JUST finished a game last night by the same title. And there at the bottom you have a screen shot of that very same game. Wow, what are the chances…this life is really something!

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  4. What beautiful writing of yours. I’m so looking forward to reading more of it. Thank you for visiting my blog, and for the like, it’s so great to know someone out there is glancing in once in a while 🙂 all the best for the muscles in your typing fingers and the beautiful mighty muscle that is your heart.

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  5. Hey there – thanks for visiting and reading my blog recently. I’m sad it took me so long to give your site a gander – I love it.

    “Love eases the troubled whilst troubling the eased. It mends the broken so then it can break those mended.”

    I have spent the last seven days talking around and exploring and attempting to communicate that point EXACTLY with someone. It is so unbelievably true. True, deep, knowing, life-changing love will often break you in the beginning but will lift you up and on to a more beautiful existence for the remainder of your days. We need only be bold enough to take the risk.

    Thanks for writing – I look forward to reading more.

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  6. Believe it or not, a genuine love is operating all existence. Every choice we make, whether right or wrong, will turn out to be the best that could’ve happened, for everyone. Learning whether or not to touch a hot stove is a lesson usually learned quickly and easily. Lessons in infinite love seem to take a bit longer. Darkness is a good teacher, But without the true light it would be utter vanity. The dark enhances the appreciation of the light, just as the hate and false love make the true love transcendently precious. Yes, there is definitely pain involved, but the healing ointment takes care of everything. When the light shines in our heart, it also comes with an expectation of infinite good to come for all. The Creator is not waiting for anyone to make a right choice. Everything is on schedule, as planned. Enjoy the ride, Ricardo. You’ll make the right choices at the right time. Love and peace to you, no matter what.

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  7. “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” Alfred Lord Tennyson Even time will be a witness that we always get something from our experience of Love. Once again a wonderful poem you have shared here! Thanks! 🙂

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