Crying is easy. You’ll smile from now on!

When they say you must cry intensely and everything at once, actively free yourself from all that grief but then promise you’ll never shed another tear for that same person, permanently erase what gave you life hoping you’ll not die alongside with it. It’s funny when we even think of the possibility of actively engaging in forgetfulness. Letting go is everything but a consciously executed move. “Letting go” is letting go, the words are truthful in this one time, not misleading for a change.

Well, saying this morning you woke up feeling wiser and cold, that’s a beautiful thing to hear, it looks nice when you quote it on a Facebook post, so inspirational and uplifting.

But stop fooling yourself. You’ll cry now and again, and another time after that. It won’t stop until you understand that your tears are only yours. No one’s watching nor pitying you. And the one who caused them is usually the least worried about it. You are sad, she is happy. You are frozen, she is living. You are perishing, she doesn’t care.


Crying cures nothing, it drowns you instead.

Crying releases the body by numbing the soul.

Crying is the way your heart finds to say that you must leave it all behind.


Imagine you’re happy even when you’re broken.

Pretend you’re strong even when you’re falling apart.

Smile and smile again until you inadvertently step into genuine bliss.

Do not allow your memories to drink from your tears for their thirst is thriving and never-ending.

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22 thoughts on “Crying is easy. You’ll smile from now on!

  1. “Do not allow your memories to drink from your tears for their thirst is thriving and never-ending.”
    This line is exceptionally beautiful and meaningful.. Loved your post 🙂

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  2. Loved your post…crying is the best way to release all that binds you…and thanks for liking my blog…if you have a chance check out THE BEACH…and tell me what you think. Would really appreciate your perspective. Thanks and be well.

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  3. Wow! This is soo beautiful! Been through those days of crying being depressed but the day i decided to “let go and never turn back” honestly im more than happy. Now when i see back its like, it happened for good!
    Its awesome thank you for this post. 🙂

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  4. Very meaningful! I loved this – “Crying cures nothing, drowns you instead.” I smiled a lot after reading this, and I think I will from now on. It gave me that push and motivation I need now and then. Thanks so much!
    😀 best wishes and regards.

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