Why didn’t we simply look away and remain friends, instead of spitting one last justification that destroyed it all?

Why does the end need to be abruptly consummated, so we know it ended, so we can move on?

Why can’t we be the ones we were before I said “I love you”?

Am I worth less for saying more?

Did I hurt you for rejoicing every time you gazed me?

Was it creepy that your happiness meant more to me than my own?

Why does the one you loved always dies as the one you must hate?

It doesn’t make sense, does it?

It’s unfair that the one you wanted will be the only one you can’t have…

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21 thoughts on “Why?

  1. It’s fine when we just meet and things are sweet.
    It’s desperate when it cannot work and has to end.
    The bile regurgitated from rejection, hurt, and all it brings, leaves a stain on the brain that somehow never goes.
    Love turned hate!
    Best wishes.

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  2. Hi, this is very true feelings anyone could have… and beautifully written.
    Can I ask you something.. do you know Hindi language . what do you feel about my poem and you liked it . Anyways thanks for like.

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    1. No, I honestly didn’t understand what you wrote. The image was pretty though and the characters have an interesting foreign shape. I only presume the message must be as beautiful as the it seems 😉 Thanks, happy you liked my post! 🙂


  3. When Love is intense it can never be lukewarm again for it never forgets who it is and it can never go back to what it is not. If it stays it is what is yours in the first place. Search and one day you will find this kind that never changes!

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