Are U2 trying to catch Every Breaking Wave?

U2 are that awesome pop-rock band we all heard of. The perfect example of brilliance in both lyric and song writing. I nurture some kind of love towards the essence of their music. Magic melodies, powerful enough to take you inside and rediscover yourself, but this time for real! You will finally find your true light while listening to them.

Last year, they released their most recent album, “Songs of Innocence”. Yes, that one me and probably half of the world downloaded for free on iTunes. It pissed off some people as we were almost forced to have those wonderful 11 tracks on our music library, during a few months. For me, it was an unexpected gift. I listened to it so many times, on repeat, for the following weeks until I got them all assimilated. The songs are other-worldly, really wonderful!

The one who touched me more, for me the sharpest one, was “Every Breaking Wave“.

This tune explains the recklessness induced by love, the struggle of maintaining your ship steady and on course when feelings happen. The journey of trying to fullfill your heart by loving, whoever you want in your life, and the heavy fate of being crushed by the weight of that rushed necessity to feel wanted, to be the one to someone.

So should you try to live it all and risk drowning along the process or simply and placidly watch life pass by, avoiding major sorrows and unforgettable regrets? That’s what is questioned in this song.

Should we actively run towards love or simply let go of it? Anyways, the ending may be the same. The process, however, will always remain a mystery. You are the one who decides, according to what you think is most beneficial for you or feeds you the illusion of it…

One thing is certain, you can’t hold back the sea nor its power to sweep you out of your feet. There is no form of defense against the arriving storm.

Why does love give you the will and the inspiring courage to fight those riskful waves when your brain already figured it out as something undoable?

This album definitely teached me a lot, leading me to see and understand the usual, now shown in surprisingly different perspectives.

The love as you knew it mutates inside you as you listen. It grows to become something unknown but more functional than ever before. Love appears, in this album, as something strangely simple while simultaneously capable of turning and twisting your already tangled brain.

U2 are this! They allow you to feel at ease with hardness and sweeter through tasting the bitterest things in life.

U2 offer you the chance to perceive how darkness is the ultimate reality and loss inevitable. The hard truth we all see ourselves forced to digest at some point of our lives. But once it’s gone, it’s forever. And then, do you know what’s left? Well… nothing but a “Beautiful Day“, don’t let it get away!

U2 teach you how to rationally follow your heart, by denying yourself the simplest worthless and blinding pleasures of life, instead of emotionally and close-mindedly obeying to your head, and living on a run for illusory happiness and unachievable concretization.

You too should give U2 a change and finally see yourself ready to learn, live and love!

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One thought on “Are U2 trying to catch Every Breaking Wave?

  1. Love U2 since Unforgettable Fire! Bono is always an inspiration. We have bones in our bodies so we can move against the tide not just flow with it. If it is worth doing then it should be done. 🙂

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