Grey Sky

Today, a tormented breeze dived down to cloud my mind palace

And a rumbly tide washed away the concrete floor I stood upon.

Manly tears may fall and blend smoothly with the salty flood,

A dark foiled air fills me as I inhale, deeply, the ashy placid mist,

Reminding me that even those vibrant vivid vines staining the walls,

Arise from the crinckliest sad seeds, seemingly dead and thirsty.


Early rising sun, shines with promise of no more doubtful sunsets.

Lasering the horizon beyond sight, where the flat earth starts to round,

Evaporates the evasive intrusive noir steam, expensive on my soul.

No more dejectionate raging thunder shall lighten this silent nights,

And all I needed was to gaze at Sky’s greys and those grey skies, they fleeted.

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6 thoughts on “Grey Sky

  1. Wow. What a lovely price of writing. Am I the only one who has read Tamara Elena?? The name is spelt down the side, if that was intentional then that’s great, if it wasn’t then maybe I should go to sleep. Lol great blog

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