Little acts of love

How many times did you feel so sad that you doubt any good will come to you ever again?

How many times have you been rude to someone just because you’re too busy thinking of the one who’s hurting you?

How many times did you close your eyes to the love offered to you? Just because your heart is too tense to open itself and let their delightful kindness come in?

One of the things we must fight and struggle to exterminate from our mind, body and soul is bitterness, for once it possesses you, nothing seemingly worthy of your smile will surge in your life again. You scared happiness and she now fears you. Once you stop working on it and nurturing that joy naturally present in you, she will leave. Your acidic mood can’t attract that kind of fortunate feelings to illuminate you anymore!

Little acts of love are what makes the earth, a world!

This small demonstrations of affection can be as simple as a little beautiful girl coming up to his teacher at break, offering him a cupcake she baked last night, a delicious dessert she wanted to present her colleagues with. She, with her big blue eyes, like a vast still ocean, yet too young to understand the inevitability of storm, innocently comes up to you and tries to cheer you up, for she sees you standing there alone and probably hungry.

“Here’s a cupcake for you, Mr. Payne!” she said, no more than that…

Her approach made you think of the serenity exhaled through her simple words, the compassionate tenderness hidden in her look, and above all the carelessly happy spirit so characteristic of kids, the joyful honest brightness they always carry with them.

Maybe your angry disposition in that morning led you to refuse the gift that lovely student brought to you. She went away while you were lost in your busy mind, watching her, this short-haired cute blondie leave with perceptible disappointment. You just lost a chance to be happy! Yeah! Right there, she was ready to give you some love, a kiss from her soul and you refused it.

You shouldn’t have done it! Why not show welcoming sympathy and be thankful for that cupcake? You will surely regret it later, maybe not in the moment, but when you free yourself and look at life as it is. You’ll feel sad for not letting that lovely moment take place, in both of your lives.

She won’t come up to you next time! And it will seem unfair to you, because in some other day you may be actually feeling happier and willing to show her a smile and a kind compliment on her nice cooking skills. But next time she won’t be there for you! She doesn’t want to hear a “No, thanks” from you. She hasn’t baked all that for you to discard her sweet intention… again.

People don’t build love out onto a spiky wall, a hollow person who is unable to hold it in!

As long as you aren’t ready to receive it, no one will be eager to give it to you, give away that precious little thing called love. Offering it in vain is a painful experience, perhaps as painful as the desolation you were feeling this morning, during that school break, squeezing the life out of you.

So tomorrow I’d ask you to walk up to the little princess, who handed you the delicious cupcake, and apologize for not having it. Maybe explain her why, with a few short words, so she can understand what was making you sad and distanced today.

Let love grow within you, for that’s the only way you can cure a frozen heart.

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15 thoughts on “Little acts of love

  1. I visited the blog of someone who placed a ‘Like’ on mine.
    A lone drifter, with dreams of hope, of love;
    airbrushed girls, perfectly posed,
    beautiful children,
    perfect in their imperfections.
    Ah! Could we airbush the world,
    Where would we be then?
    Airbrushed out?

    Thanks for the ‘Like’ Ricardo

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  2. such a beautiful post. As a teacher i try and always make sure that no matter how bad my day i accept the little acts of love from my kids. I end up with endless reams of notes, pictures drawings, strange objects they found in the playground and other things. I always make sur i take them show joy. OK i may discard them after school but never where the child can see or find out. But the act is the most important part.

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